U.S. export trade compliance program consulting, training and manual design basics.

Export control laws are federal regulations that determine how information, technologies, and commodities can be exported internationally or to a foreigner in the U.S. The regulations are broad and cover most exports. Failure to comply with these regulations could bring penalties that include large fines and / or imprisonment. Exporters must be aware of their obligations under these regulations and make sure their company is compliant. Be pepared for government regulatory agency audits and learn the basics to start your company’s Export Management and Compliance Program (EMCP). Training is accompanied by a student manual for future reference of material covered.

  • AES – EEI Filing and related Schedule B commodity classification regulations review.
  • How to accurately complete an EEI filing through AES direct. Schedule B classification and license exemption rules and responsibilities review.
  • Air freight security compliance.

Deficient air freight security compliance practices can cost your company large financial penalties and / or immediate suspension of all air freight shipping privileges. Allow your employees to better understand the requirements and responsibilities that various governmental agencies expect from your company.

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